Phaseolus polytene chromosomes


The schematic view of the karyotype as Idiogramm is based on both the length measurements of the chromosome arms and the chromosome specific characteristics of the cHC. These feature are indicated and numbered in the idiogramm. The division of the areas and the numbering follows the same principle as the banding of human chromosomes according to the International System for Human Cytogenetic Nomenclature (ISCN 1995). From the same nomenclature also the naming of the short arms as p and the long arm as q has been adopted .


Centromere Euchromatin
Centromere not always visible strong/weak DAPI-band(sDB/wDB)
secondary constriction (sES) centromeric heterochromatin (cHC)
not always visible telomeric heterochromatin (tHC)
frequent breakpoint Nucleolus organizing region (NOR)

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