Phaseolus polytene chromosomes

Cytogenetic map

In order to describe chromosomal localization of FISH signals chromsomes have been further divided artificially in areas, even without necessarily showing physical differences in staining intensity, color, or structure. This additional division is indicated using a single apostroph after the area number (e.g. 1', 2' or 3'). So 1' stands for the proximal, 2' the central and 3' the distal chromsome segment. Example: Aq11.2' means the central segment of the section Aq11.

The table below contains to loci of the hybridiziations with different probes. Under this is reported the first cytogentic map of the polytene chromosomes of the embryo suspensor of Phaseolus coccineus. From the total number of 57 loci of microsatellite movties (SSR), 25 (10 motives) are located in euchromatin while 32 (10 motives) were found in heterochromatin. Signals inside the NOR have not taken into consideration. Loci in heterochromatin regions are underlined. DNC = dense nucleolar chromatin.  * = region of condensed chromatin of the NOR

DNA probes loci of FISH signals
18S-25S Ap2,Iq3, Kp2
5S Iq12,Kq25
Phaseolin Gp21.3'
(AT)8 Aq21.2', Aq31, Bq21, Bqter, Hq21
(AG)8 Aq21.3',Aq31, Bp21.2', Bq21, Bq31.2',
Cp12, Cq21, Cq31.2',Kq22-23
(CA)8 Ap2*, Bq21, Bpter, Iq3*, Kp2*
(AAT)5 Aq21.2',Aq21.3', Bq21
(AAG)5 Aq32,Bp21.1', Bq21, Bq31.1', Ip22, Kq22
(CAC)5 Ap2*,Iq3*, Kp2*
(AATG)4 cHC all chromsomes and DNC
(GATA)4 Aq21.1',Aq21.3', Bq21
(GACA)4 Aq21.3',Bq21
(C)16 Aq32,Bp21.1', Bq31.1', Ip31, Jp22-24, Jq22-23,
Hp11-12,Hq11, Hq22-24
(GC)8 Kq31.3'
(GCC)5 Aq31, Bp21.2', Bq21, Cp12, Cq21-22, Kq22
Telomer-Sequenz p/qter all chromsomes
M13 consensus sequence cHC all chromsomes and DNC
33bp repeat consensus sequence p/qter all chromsomes

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