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Sites about the Vulture area (Italy)

About the Vulture area in the region of Basilicata (South Italy). Find information about the territory, typical gastronomic products, the famous Aglianico DOC vine, tourism, agriturismo, hotels, festivals, and reference to travel guides. The site is written in Italian, English, and German language.

Scientific sites

This site describes the results of my research on the polytene chromosomes of Phaseolus coccineus (bean). It contatins detailed protocols of chromosome preparation, descriptions of the morphology of the euchromatic and heterochrmatic regions including the nucleolus organizing region (NOR). The section karyotype contains a complete karyogramm and ideogramm as well as chraracterization with fotos of of each polytene chromosome chromosome.
BeanRef is a collection of external links and references from literature to different aspects of research on beans (Phaseolus and Vigna). Please take note that BeanRef depends essentially on your contributions. Just click to the Feedback-button at the top of each page to send your suggestions for further links or references.
A database for karyotype information (chromosome number, length, karyotype features, idiograms, localizations of FISH, cell material, and literature references). The KaryotypeDB application is based on XML technology.
The Bean Seed Images project collects seed images of the 80 accepted species of the Genus Phaseolus (Beans).