Name: Dr. rer. nat. Mario Nenno

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  • Born 1964 in Germany
  • Since 1998 in Italy


  • High school at Ingolstadt, Germany
  • 1992 Degree (Italian: Diploma di Laurea) in Biology at University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • 1998 Ph.D. (Italian: Dottorato di ricerca) in Natural Sciences/Biology at University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • 2000 "Diploma di Laurea in Scienze Biologiche" ("Equipolenza") by the University of Tuscia, Italy.


  • 1997 Project in Plant Cytogenetics, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • 1999 Dep. Molecular Genetics and Biology, University of Bari, Italy
  • 2000 Dep. of Biology, University of Viterbo, Italy
  • 2000-1 Database programmer at, Milan, Italy
  • 2002-11 ETL and since 2003 Java junior developer, database and web development at Expopage/Fiera Milano, Milan
  • 2011- Senior Web and Software developer at Fiera Milano, Rho (Milan)


  • Computer:
    Database systems (IBM DB2, Postgres) , web development (HTML, Javascript, CSS, Ajax, XML, JSON), programming in Java, JSP, Python, PHP, Perl as well as development with administration of CMS (Drupal)
  • Biology:
    Plant Science, cytogenetics, microscopy, bioinformatics


  • Computer, Internet, Biology, geography, traveling, photography, music, wines