My Projects

Created the web site for the Camfeed project. Implementation with Drupal 8.
Start: 2017
A small set of Python scripts used as custom programs for a publication on SSR (simple sequence repeats) in a plant genome.
Start: 2015
Android app with timetable of the underground stations Vimodrone and Cologno Sud in direction Milan city center.
Start: 2012
A mobile site showing the list of producers of Aglianico del Vulture wine at the wine trade fair Vinitaly at Verona in Italy grouped by pavilion and by name.
Start: 2012
An simple Android application showing maps of the fairground of fieramilano at Rho and fieramilanocity at the city center of Milan.
Start: 2010
Forum Vimodrone
The official forum for the inhabitants of Vimodrone
Start: Oct-2007, End: Jun-2015
MYourScience was a virtual meeting place for researchers and scientists from all disciplines to present and discuss their works with blog, forum and bibliography. Closed Jun 2008
Start: Jun-2007, End: Jun-2008
Phaseomics V International Meeting
Web site for the 5th international meeting of the Phaseomics Global Initiative held at Varenna (Italy) in 2007.
Start: Jan-2006, End: 2007
Web site for the Phaseolus Seed Protein Group (PSPG) at the laboratory of R. Bollini IBBA-CNR, Milan (Italy). Research activities, patents, members and related links.
Start: 2004
Development of a web service for the Karyotype database (KaryotypeDB). Until now exist a WSDL, sample client in PHP and Perl for the index of species with basic karotype information.
Start: 2003
E-Catalog [Projectwork]
Implementation for the Frauenhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM) of an graphical-oriented, database-driven product catalog (E-Catalog) of MiniTec. Concept and design developed by ITWM.
Database and Web implementation in PHP by M. Nenno. 2002-3.
ILCB is a site for a collgue Dr. A.R. Piergiovanni (CNR IGV, Bari) about Italian landraces of common bean (Phaseolus vulagris)
Collection of information and references to Karyotype, Cytogenetics, Molecular Cytogenetic publications information in the Genus Phaseolus and Vigna as a contribution for BeanRef.
Start: 1995
Short introduction to polytene chromsomes. Descritpions and many links.
Pictures, Photo gallery, informations and links about the city of Bari (Puglia, South Italy).
Homepage of the last class at our highschool Christoph-Scheiner-Gymnasium (CSG), Ingolstadt. (This site is in German).
From 1992 to 1996 I was member of the UNIX-AG, a workgroup of students at the University of Kaiserslautern for learning use and administration of UNIX workstations (Sun Solaris and Linux)
Start: 1992 End: 1996
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