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Da Prima di Gobba

Timetable of the Milan underground stations Vimodrone and Cologno Sud.

Consult the timetable offline without connection online.

Display the timetable and with the function "Prossimi treni" (next trains) the departures of the next 30-240 minutes

The app dowloads the update automatically if a internet connection is available

Note: The timetable data are not taken in real time form the ATM site and for this reasion updates encounter some delays.


  • Current version: 1.3
  • Android: min 2.1 (API Level 7)
  • Language: Italian

Screen shots

Change log

  • version: 1.3 - updated summer timetable between 5-24 Aug
  • version: 1.2 - added the reduced timetable of: 1st May, 25th Dec and special summer timetable between 6-25 Aug
  • version: 1.1 - No more message 'No connection' if offline
  • version: 1.0 - First release