Phaseolus polytene chromosomes

Phaseolus Polytene Chromosomes


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This site describes the results of my research on polytene chromosomes of Phaseolus coccineus (bean) (see References).

In the section Chromosome preparations you find the protocols I used for chromosome preparation, pretreatments, and fluorochrome staining.

The topics in the menu morphology describe Euchromatin and heterochromatin, Centromeric heterochromatin, Fluorochrome banding, Nucleolus organising region, Telomeric heterochromatin, and Polytene structures

The section Karyotyping summerises the results of identification of each of the 11 chromsome pairs (A-K), including karyogramm, idiogramm, length mesaurements, chromosome descriptions, image gallery, and a cytogenetic map.

The section FISH contains the relevant results of the fluorescence insitu hybridization (FISH) with different probes (rDNA, phaseolin, microsatellites, minisatellites, telomere sequence).
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